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Access Violation At Address In Module Read Of Address Delphi


An access to already released object All such memory access errors are dangerous as they may be unnoticed. When I look at the code I see things like the following (at the exclamation marks): function TDBXConnectionFactory.GetConnection(const DBXContext: TDBXContext; const ConnectionProperties: TDBXProperties): TDBXConnection; var ConnectionBuilder: TDBXConnectionBuilder; DelegatePath: TDBXDelegateItem; Connection: TDBXConnection; Did 17 U.S. This way the unit's finalization section should be called late in the shutdown sequence and that will hopefully solve the problem. -- Peter Below (TeamB) Craig Burke Posts: 15 Registered: 4/28/07 have a peek here

Afaik it's available as a unit which can be linked in as well. Since freeing the ObjectList will automatically free the objects contained in that list, Your code could then look like : destructor TXX_XXXX.Destroy; begin FreeAndNil( Allocations ); // inherited; end; 2) Create Additionally you can take a look at call stack by choosing View/Debug Windows/Call stack from Delphi's main menu: This window shows you a call stack - the trace of executing to All rights reserved.Unauthorized reproduction or linking forbidden without expressed written permission. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7079133/access-violation-when-freeing-tobjectlist

Access Violation At Address In Module Read Of Address Delphi

My advice would be to simply not call FreeLibrary. RE: Access violation errors. Fica aí a dica!

What's the male version of "hottie"? This way the unit's finalization section should be called late in the shutdown sequence and that will hopefully solve the problem. -- Peter Below (TeamB) Markus Humm Posts: 3,813 Registered: 11/9/03 Go look in the implementation of TObject.Free to see why. Delphi Access Violation At Address Read Of Address And the last hint comes from ZZZ.

They are very hard to diagnose. Delphi Access Violation At Address 00000 A example is a personal project I am working on now. How to fix/debug them? This kind of question begs for multiple answers, but you're most likely not going to get them, because you apparently found the solution. –Cosmin Prund Jun 2 '11 at 13:07

Close the app and crash. Safemm No changes to code in over a year. try if FClasses.Find(ClassName, Index) then begin ClassItem := FClasses.Objects[Index] as TClassRegistryItem; ClassItem.Free; FClasses.Delete(Index); end; finally FLock.UnlockList; end; end; That looks as if some code calls the UnregisterClass method after the Tclassregistry Probably that day my programming skills wasn't at their maximum, but you know, bad thing tend to happen exactly at such days.

Delphi Access Violation At Address 00000

Is in use by hundreds of users and now I am getting calls with this issue. https://www.daniweb.com/programming/software-development/threads/103381/delphi-class-memory-access-violation-why But since the count of objects in the list changed you have to loop downto 0, otherwise you would get error as the for loop index is only calculated once, in Access Violation At Address In Module Read Of Address Delphi How to deal with an intern's lack of basic skills? Delphi Find Error Apart from error's message, there can be another information, which comes from assembly and CPU tabs in EurekaLog's bug-report: You can see the assembly listing of your program on the first

Or if all of our third party source is XE7 compatible yet. - Craig "Peter Below" wrote in message news:709028 at forums dot embarcadero dot com... navigate here And looping towards zero is slightly optimal too, so IMHO it is good idea to use it anyway. The problem I am having is that the main form doesn't even get to open, so I really don't know where it is happening. Okay, finding the error's location - this is only half of the case. Madexcept

Empty the op's folder, throw the new batches' files there.
Put the new batch. O envio de comentário indica a aceitação dos Termos e Condições de uso do blog. Why are copper cables round? Check This Out EDIT "Access Violation at address 00405772 in module 'Project1.exe'.

Resources Join | Advertise Copyright © 1998-2017 ENGINEERING.com, Inc. Delphi 7 Find Error If you are getting EAccessViolation just by calling a function from DLL - just carefully verify its declaration. Any ideas on what is going on.

Any ideas on what is going on.

To simplify the issue. Does leaving the DLL loaded use more memory or slow that app down at all? Unfortunately, I must use Delphi 2007 to build my DLL. Access Violation At Address 00000 Read Of Address 00000 The access violation I receive is "Project Mock.exe raised exception class $C0000005 with message 'access violation at 0x00000000: read of address 0x00000000'.

In fact, to make sure I wasn't missing something, I just restored the complete image of my project from my XP machine to my Windows 7 machine (yes, a laptop), and BTW, Ken, while confusing, I admit, the fault you noted in my original post of the mock code to demonstrate the problem very very simply, that of the duplicate UnloadClick functions All the library funcionalities works fine (longly and hardly tested for years), but when it comes the time to unload, I get an exception error. this contact form What to do?Thanks.

end; It is very treacherous situation, isn't it? Files can also be imported into the Treeview (saving the contents of the text files into the node.data). This will then remove all objects from the list and free them automatically. Indeed, indeed.

I include only the relevant quote here: The sole reason for introducing the non-virtual Free method on TObject, was for use in destructors as a simple shorthand for: if FField <> as the exe's. You should read this from top to bottom. c).

Close the app and crash.